March for Faith

United We Stand for Faith

#MarchforFaith #FaithisEssential


Resurrecting America’s freedom requires a return to fundamentals.

The Founders placed Faith in God as the cornerstone of our Republic.

Faith is Essential to freedom.

Join the campaign to declare faith an essential activity in all states.


March for Faith does not endorse political parties or candidates.

We promote First Amendment religious freedom for all Americans. 

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#MarchforFaith #FaithisEssential

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Will you defend
Faith and Freedom? 

Support the March for Faith:

  • America was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles of faith.
  • The March for Faith protests government overreach and defends Americans’ right to the free exercise of faith guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • The march is a powerful reminder that the blessings of liberty, including the right to worship, come from God, not from government.

Faith is Essential

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