America is at a crossroad. How can Americans find common political ground to overcome the militant Marxist threats from BLM and Antifa threats to burn our republic to the ground? The answer to the problems of America’s future may well lie in its past: a coalition of faith.

American history provides precedent for such collaboration among religions, most prominently the Abolitionist movement in the 19th Century and the pro-life movement of the past half-century. Although the Thirteenth Amendment formally ended slavery in 1865, the path to that Amendment started decades earlier in individual churches and among individual congregants and clergy. Passionate and articulate, individual faithful ignited the grassroots dialogue on slavery that would eventually persuade a nation. In our own time, the pro-life movement has successfully persuaded millions through patient but relentless grassroots efforts.


Notably, these persuasions have not occurred because of court victories or legislative action, but rather in spite of them. Courts and legislatures rarely provide the panacea relief wished by many. For 50 years the Supreme Court has shown consistent hostility toward pro-life arguments. Religious freedom has seen some relief, but even the recent Supreme Court victory of the Little Sisters of the Poor resulted in only a limited decision in their favor, and only after nearly ten years of litigation. Few victims of religious oppression have the resources or endurance for protracted lawsuits.


A Coordinated Defense for Freedom, for Life, and now for Faith

Historically, courts and legislatures can even inflame conflicts. Roe v. Wade ignited an ongoing cultural war over abortion. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and the Dred Scott decision inflamed both sides and guaranteed there could be no top-down solution to slavery. In an unprecedented grassroots approach, abolitionists formed a unique coalition of religious groups who tolerated their theological differences in favor of the commonly shared belief of the evil of slavery. By sheer force of will this coalition argued faith and reason as inseparable components to expose and defeat slavery. A similar coalition underlies the pro-life movement.

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