The National Catholic Register recently highlighted March for Faith’s inaugural event in Los Angeles on October 10th. The NCR drew attention both to individual acts of peaceful protest as well as religious organizations’ assertion of faith as an essential right under the U.S. Constitution, leading off the piece with quotes from the October March for Faith event in downtown Los Angeles.

“We have the right to worship as we want to, and we have the right to be inside if we want to. I think we’re being discriminated against.”

When she spoke those words, Frances Conaway was in the right place: at La Placita in Los Angeles, where the inaugural “March for Faith” would start its procession to Los Angeles City Hall, just a few blocks away.

Conaway was one of more than 100 March for Faith participants on Oct. 10, many of them bearing March for Faith signs and American flags. As the group processed along the sidewalk to City Hall, passing motorists honked their horns and called out in support.

“Our rights come from God, not government,” said march co-founder Susan Arnall before the start of the procession. “Forces within our government are attacking our God-given rights. That’s why we are marching today: to educate people.”

Read the full piece by Elizabeth Deffner here. Video highlights of the October 10th march are here.

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