On the first Sunday of Lent, March for Faith launched its spiritual campaign to reconnect Americans from coast to coast with postcards by Pentecost. The campaign is designed to combat the growing sense of fear many Americans experience through personal outreach. 

As a new administration takes the reins in Washington, D.C., many Americans fear losing their jobs, their friends, even their children, simply for exercising their God-given First Amendment liberties. Because of media focus on COVID and growing partisan rhetoric characterizing pro-Trump voters as “potential” terrorists, many regular Americans believe co-workers, neighbors or even family members will report them to authorities simply for attending church or the wrong sort of political rally. That fear is making fellow Americans the enemy.

Faith Cancels Fear.

To counter that fear, March for Faith has created unique postcards, each with a different uplifting message, to share. The messages are designed for Pastors, Police, Medical Personnel, Patriots in public service, Teachers, and personal friends. And, they are free.  

Big Tech can’t track them, can’t doxx anyone, and can’t silence anyone because each person is in control of using the postcards and delivering them by hand or through the mail.

A little postcard can reconnect Americans with each other.  Unlike email or social media memes, postcards are tangible, private, and personal. The important thing is to use these postcards to reconnect with people personally so they know they are not alone.

Rebuild Faith and Trust in Americans…one postcard at a time.

The postcard campaign begins in Lent to encourage faith-filled Americans to share the postcards. This spiritual march for faith culminates on Pentecost Sunday when Christians will personally deliver postcards of gratitude and encouragement to their ministers, priests and pastors.

  • Download and print out the postcards. The PDFs are free at MarchforFaith.org
  • Pray for those who need to hear from you.
  • Then pick one of the six postcard messages for that person and deliver it.
  • Send a postcard each week.
  • Share this campaign with others in email or social media or word of mouth. It’s free at MarchforFaith.org

Share this campaign with others. You will create an outpouring of encouragement and faith from coast to coast. Send postcards weekly through Lent.  Encourage others to join. Help organize with friends and family to let them know they are not alone. And plan now to bring postcards to church for Pentecost to thank and encourage all ministers of faith.