Our First Amendment right to religious expression is under assault. Like our forefathers, Americans from all faiths must unite to proclaim faith essential. It is time to March for Faith to defend our God-given right to live our lives in freedom according to our faith.

Today some blue states are using COVID legislation to restrict the font of the Constitution itself –Americans’ Judeo-Christian principles of faith. These states place arbitrary limits on everything from seating to singing and, most recently, by prohibiting indoor religious services. Meanwhile, since the Memorial Day weekend, rioters mock states’ COVID guidelines with ongoing astroturfed violent protests. Police stand by helpless, figuratively handcuffed and all but defunded by Democrat legislators as cities burn.


The legal hypocrisy is stunning: Abortion is essential; marijuana dispensaries are essential; gambling is essential; airplane travel is essential; shopping at Walmart is essential. But sitting inside a church, saying prayers, or singing a hymn is non-essential and must be banned for the health and safety of the general public. No exceptions.


The American Left knows that America is a nation founded on faith. They know that these principles undergird our legal system. They know that if they can suppress faith, they can change our nation forever.

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